Web Master and SEO

The Webmaster's role is to coordinate the planning, maintenance, and accessibility of Website content in a way that ensures the consistency of the Web site's look and feel.
This includes ensuring that the layout, positioning, navigation, and look and feel of content are consistent across and throughout the organization.
We will perform day-to-day administration of the organization's web portfolio.

As the Webmaster we will have an enormous impact on user experience and how you communicate with your members and the public. As we refresh and overhaul your websites and launch a new one, you will rely on us to provide strategy and creativity that will deliver a positive user experience. We will work collaboratively with your communication team to maintain up-to-date content, manage third-party vendors, incorporate SEO best practices, have input on the look and feel of the websites, implement new processes for more streamlined content delivery, and be responsible for the day to day website functionality.