The iPod, iPhone and more recently the iPad, has revolutionized the way we work, play, and interact with others around us. We can order and listen to music, movies, television programs and much more.
We can navigate to almost anywhere on earth using the GPS capabilities of the aforementioned idevices.
We can now see loved ones from across the world by means of video calling at anytime so we no longer have to miss those moments that will become lasting memories.

All of those many wonderful things that can now be done using your idevice are waiting literally at your fingertips. The only thing between you and the capabilities of your idevice is the “know-how” to actually do it. That is where comes into play.
iOS 9, Apple's latest software for their mobile devices offers some of the best features yet. Learn how to scan documents, fax, print, set calendar events, watch live tv and more from your idevice.

If you are new to Apple's world of idevices don't worry, we will help you with all the basics to get you up and running in no time.
Learn how to backup your idevice, send text messages, make FaceTime calls, send emails, take videos and pictures, and much more.
Use Siri to setup appointment reminders and calendar events. Get music and the latest apps from the iTunes and App Store.

If you have ever have doubts about the Apple TV we will help to dismiss them. Learn how to stream photos, videos, games and more. Learn about renting and buying movies and TV shows, watching Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go right from your Apple TV.

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